The Universal Mail Archive Mac Software

Mail Backup X allows you to archive all your email accounts under one platform

Email is a daily communication tool for most people. Whether it is used to conduct business or for keeping in touch with loved ones, we all subscribed to different emailing platforms so we can effectively pass messages to each other. If you are in constant communication through emails, then you easily have thousands of messages in your account. Imagine if your email server crashes today, how many important contact details will you lose? Will you ever get access to that special conversation you had with a distant relative? The best way to ensure that you never lose your sentimental emails and important business contacts is by using a mail archive Mac software to preserve your data and in an independent location away from your email server.

There are currently a lot of software packages available in the Mac store today. Unfortunately, not all of them have the quality and security assurance of your data. While most will promise the best experience, it can be extremely disappointing if you later find out the software is pathetic and can’t deliver. To save yourself time and the hustle of browsing through multiple software apps on the market here is a highly recommended email archive Mac software that will be worth your while.

Mail Backup X is a professional grade, quality assured and expertly delivered to provide you the best and simplest archive solutions for all your email accounts. That’s right! Mail Backup X supports a variety of email accounts including;

  1. Outlook Mac – Whether you are using Outlook 2011 or 2015, this mail archive Mac app supports all Outlook Mac accounts inclusive of all the IMAP emails integrated into it. Additionally, you can import data from Outlook Windows if you are looking to migrate from the Microsoft Windows environment.
  2. Entourage – Both Entourage 2004 and 2008 users can comfortably utilize this Mail Backup X application to archive their emails for future-proof security and easy accesses whenever.
  3. Apple Mail – If you mostly use your Apple Mail account on your iPhone or iPad, this application can shield you from losing data when your device crashes or gets lost.
  4. Exchange – Exchange is a great database management tool to keep your schedules, emails, calendar entries, diary and tasks among other info ensure the safety of all this data by archiving them with this mail archive Mac tool
  5. Office 365 – Office 365 users can also archive their mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, drafts and any other information.
  6. Web-based emails –If you used Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Opera Mail or custom website emails independently from the IMAP connections, then you can archive your files away from the email servers for easy access offline.

Mail Backup X is diverse and can support all these email clients including their different data formats. More importantly, you don’t have to create different archives for each email account if you have several. This Mail archive Mac software allows its users to import data from different email clients to archive them on the same profile.

Save time and energy when accessing information in your archives. In addition to adding all data under one archive, Mail Backup X comes with a fast data search tool that can rapidly scan all your data to find particular information. When you want to search for email sent on a specific date some years ago, you just have to enter the date on the search tool and all emails will pop up. You can also have an overview of your emails in the archive through the mail viewer window that allows you to scroll through and click on items for a full detailed view.

Mail Backup X tool comes with a free to download the copy. Grab yours today to test out the software’s functionality.


Creation of Email Archives and Backups for your Apple Mail Account

Let the professional Mail Backup X for Mac take over the Creation of Email Archives and Backups for your
Apple Mail account

Paper cut of Cloud computing concept on wood

When it comes to email security, very few individuals and organizations bother to create a reliable backup system for the data stored in email accounts. This can be attributed to the wide assumption that emails are always safe. However, your emails can get lost at any time due to a number of causes including the attack by hackers and hardware malfunctions on the server.

Therefore, finding a good solution for all that data you have stored up in an email account is a wise move. For Mac users with an Apple Mail account, finding a good backup and archive tool can prove has been a difficult task for a while. However, with the arrival of the Mail Backup X, this has not been the case anymore.

The Mail Backup X for Mac is a brilliant tool that can backup and archive Apple Mail emails. With the Mail Backup X, users can backup, archive and recover their Apple Mail backup files and folders in a matter of minutes as well as choose the location to save them. Whether on a secure FTP server or an external hard drive. In addition, the Mail Backup X is equipped with professional conversion software that can recover emails from different email applications that support IMAP email protocols besides Apple Mail. This way, if you have multiple email clients, you can import emails from one and view them from another.

Enjoy the advanced performance and security features in the Mail Backup X that allow Mac users to achieve complete security for their Apple Mail emails

The Mail Backup X saves all the backup and archive files in PDF format in order to preserve the structure of all these emails. In addition, by saving this data in PDF format, it makes easy for Mac users to search through as well as print information contained in the Apple Mail backups.

The Mail Backup X for Mac also features an advanced functionality where Mac users can choose to backup Apple Mail emails in a secure FTP server such as iCloud or Dropbox or set up a backup folder in a USB drive. After setting up the USB device the first time, the Mail Backup X is smart enough to sync with the device automatically the next time and start an automatic backup. The Mail Backup X stands as the best Apple Mail backup software that will backup, archive and even recover your emails.

Take it for a try today.

Backup and Create Email Archives on Mac

Backup and Create Email Archives with the new Apple Mail Archive App for Mac – The Mail Backup X


There is a new app in the market for Mac called the Mail Backup X that comes to solve all backup and archive issues for Apple Mail users. The Mail Backup X is designed for Mac users to recover, backup, view and archive Apple Mail emails as well as emails from different mail clients.

It features a free trial version that Apple Mail users can use to test the power of this app. The Mail Backup X is able to backup and archive emails from different email applications as long as they support IMAP email protocols. Some of the mail clients that support these protocols apart from Apple Mail include Office 365 for Mac, Postbox, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Mac & Windows, just to mention a few.

This tool also supports the secure backup of all Apple Mail emails in a USB device. All you have to do is set-up the USB device for backup the first time. In all future backups, the Mail Backup X for Mac is smart enough to automatically detect this backup file and start an automatic backup of your Apple Mail emails to the same folder.


Restore Apple Mail from Backup

Mail Backup X: The Easiest Way to Restore Apple Mail from Backup

Mail Backup X provides the simplest and fastest way to restore Apple Mail from the backup folder. This app finally solves the standard issue Mac users have been facing with which secure backup and restoration of data. Initially, people using Time Machine to backup their email data would spend so much time and energy to find us and restore the right files back to their Apple Mail account.

Time Machine backs up the entire Mac. It is not exclusively made to the backup Apple Mail and therefore it stores new backup files in a folder according to when the backup was created as opposed to the type of data or from which app the data is coming from. With data backups stored sporadically on Time Machine, speed and accuracy remain an illusion as you manually have to locate the relevant data files to restore them back to your email account. Additionally, backing up or restoring large data file takes forever to complete since there are a lot of data to be processed and this can become quite frustrating if you are not patient enough.

Features that make it easy to restore Apple Mail from backup

Mail Backup X has an automatic email backup and restoration procedure

Users can configure Mail Backup X to send new and updated files automatically to the backup folder according to different schedules like;

– Immediately new emails are sent or received

– At various hours during the day

– Daily, on select days or weekly

The restoration process is also automated; all you need to do is specify the files you wish to restore. Each file will be automatically restored to its original mailbox and folder. You do not need to sort the data or make any adjustments.

Restore Apple Mail emails backup to multiple email clients

With an inbuilt email conversion system, you can restore Mac mail from backup to email clients like Outlook Mac, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox or Office 365 among others. This feature allows you to migrate from one email client to the other easily as well as share your email with other users on different accounts.

How to get your Mail Backup X copy

You can get a copy of this software from the Mac store or alternatively through